Why Percentage of steel higher in Top floor column ?

access_time 2020-03-14T18:26:44.312Z face Nirav Patel
Question - Most of the times, for multistory building ETABS/STAAD Pro gives percentage (%) of steel in terrace/top floor Column/Shear wall higher than that of the lower one. Is it correct or an errors? What may be the reason? Answer - First of all it's not an error. It happens due to following reaso...

Design Checklist for STAAD analysis and Design

access_time 2020-01-01T11:41:08.481Z face Chetan Machhi
Hello Friends, I am Chetan working as lecturer and RCC Consultant. I have prepared checklist for learner and professional to avoid unfavorable mistake. Check the GA Drawing Check North Direction Check Scale Check units Check Grid Dimensions Check Story Height Check GAD and STAAD model Meshing of pla...

Different type of Sheet Metal Operation during Manufacturing

access_time 2020-01-01T10:54:49.536Z face Arvind Pal
Hello friends, I am Arvind, working in industries as design engineer. In this blog, I will share my industry experiences of different type of operations done on sheet metal to manufacture a sheet metal product, parts, equipment and machine. 1. LASER CUTTING: Friends, once a sheet metal development i...

Understanding for assigning LY and LZ in STAAD Pro

access_time 2019-10-21T08:23:13.867Z face NIRAV PATEL
Hello friends In this blog, I like to share my view for STAAD Parameter of LY, LZ, UNB and UNT. I needed comparatively more time to understand this concept. I will try to explain as simplest as possible. So let’s start with what is LY and LZ. LY and LZ is effective length along local Y and Z axis re...

Ductile and Brittle Materials

access_time 2019-04-28T08:50:41.139Z face NIRAV PATEL
Materials ability to undergo significant plastic deformation under tensile stress before rapture called ductile properties of materials. In other words if materials ductile, materials stretch under tensile load. The ductile materials is Steel, Aluminum, copper etc. Brittle materials break without si...
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