Seismic Load Application as per IS 1893 - 2016

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Seismic load is define as Horizontal/Vertical load due to ground motion cause of Earthquake. Load act at base/foundation of the structure called as base shear. Seismic load depends on following: Weight of structure (W) Height and width of structure (H, D) Soil conditions (sa/g) Geographical area (Zo...

Basic Definitions in Structural Analysis and Design

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Stress: The force of resistance offered by a member per unit area is called stress The external force acting on it is called load. The load is applied on the body and the stress is induced in the material of the body. Stress = Force(P)/ Area(A) N/mm2 Strain: Due to the application of load, the lengt...

Design of Steel Structure in STAAD Pro

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Staad pro software used for design of concrete, steel, timber and aluminum structure. In this blog I will share the parameter and things which should be care while designing of steel structure. For correct and accurate design and analysis we should care following area. Geometry Modelling of structur...

How to Add Node in STAAD pro and Basic of Node

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What is Node in FEM Node is simply defined as a point. A point where boundary condition applied, Stiffness of structure are changed, materials discontinuities, Geometrical discontinuities etc.. How to add node in STAAD Pro Software. Add node by co ordinate method Add node co ordinate at data area, y...

Top Recommended Mouse for CAD Software

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Hey guys hope you liked your last blog. If you haven’t checked it, yet please check it now the link is here. And again thanks to all of for showing love to our last blog. the last blog was all about the best CAD computers where we try to give the best information about best computers available in ma...
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