Learn Advanced Modeling Software is one of the latest innovations by SS eAcademy to help facilitate online delivery of high-quality professional certification programs to students in various parts of India and beyond. Since 2016, SS eAcademy has been helping working professionals all around the world to achieve a higher level of success. For this reason, we want to help you make your educational goals even better at your convenience with the online programs.

SS eAcademy was started in 2016 by Nirav Patel who is a structural engineer, Jinesh Patel and Mahesh Patel who are both Mechanical Engineers. The school’s operations have been in every part of India, and it is poised to go to the rest of the continent.

We specialize in providing driven consultancy services in Business and Engineering. Some of the courses we offer include; AutoCAD (Drafting software), Revit (Modeling software), Staad pro (Analysis software), Creo (Modeling software), Mastercam (CAM software), Solidworks (CAD software), ANSYS Workbench (Engineering problem solving software) and JAVA (Programming language) . Our courses ensure that our students gain a competitive edge while still improving their efficiency and profitability. We also have an online store where students and professors can purchase DVDs’ and USB of all our courses.

As an E-learning institute, SS eAcademy has an online institute which is registered and accredited in India by the Ministry of Education to offer online training and certifications to students mainly in Business and Engineering. The courses we offer are Training Online Tutorials for learning which are of high quality which will be offered in both Hindi and English.

What students like about our school are the experienced and qualified faculties, lifetime access with updates, accessible and most in-depth courses online in both Hindi and English, quiz after each module to test your understanding, affordable prices, a 30-days payback guarantee. You can either pay monthly or on a one-time installment.

Our Aim

Complete an affordable E-learning platform for all.

Our Vision

We are dedicated to Educate, Empower and Enable all through the application of new and emerging technologies in Engineering and Business..

Our Mission

To provide Quality training in Engineering and Business to meet the aspirations of a Dynamic society for sustainable and Economic Development.

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